Your academic e-mail is used to first validate your status as an enrolled member of a university and then to completely customize the platform to the needs of both your university and department, so you don’t have to!

While Unirefer may be collaborating with one department in your university, it may still be in the works for another one. Just contact us for more information.

The confirmation e-mail is sent immediately upon successful registration. A number of reasons may be interfering with this process.

  • Spam Filters: Please make sure your e-mail spam filter excludes or check your spam folder.
  • Inbox Limit: Some universities utilize e-mail service providers that have a specific size limit. Check if yours is full and delete some old ones to make room!
  • Verify your e-mail address: Well sometimes the devil is in the details and as we are all human we can make mistakes! So, double check your e-mail address and details!
  • If nothing works, contact us and we will try to solve the problem!


Make sure to first check out the tutorial videos provided after you log in.

There are two ways to input a reference. You can either copy and paste the BibTeX citation directly from an appropriate source (electronic database or Google scholar), or manually input the details in the relevant fields. 
When you are finished just press add to reference list and voila!

After a reference has been added to the list you can click it and directly edit any of the fields. Then by clicking on apply changes you can save those changes.

Referencing formats are preset and customized for your current academic requirements. There will never be any need to for you to deal with referencing style details.

We are currently working on developing more reference types so you can reference pretty much anything.

Sure! Just click on the drop down menu on the upper right part of your screen and select new list. This way you can work simultaneously on as many lists as you want.

While the drop down menu in the list selection is active, just double click on the name!


Please note that Internet Explorer is not supported, so feel free to use the latest version of other browsers preferably Chrome or Firefox.

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