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Tired of time-consuming referencing required by universities? This online platform enables you to create a reference list, in the format required, quickly, effortlessly, correctly.


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  • Pre-Formatted and customized to your needs
  • Intuitive and User friendly
  • Reference customization based on your university
  • Web access
  • Guaranteed stability
  • Guaranteed uptime
  • Automatic Transformation in a single click
  • Quick n Easy manual input and edit if needed
  • Grab citations from a Database (i.e EBSCO)
  • Copy n Paste
  • Click
  • Done
  • User expertise not required!

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Core Values

  • Technology exists to serve people.
  • People should spend time on activities that fulfill their life purpose.
  • Work smart.

Core Purpose

  • To help simplify your life and give you more free time and peace of mind to enjoy it.
  • Bring information technology intelligence to your life.

Mission and Vision

  • Improve the academic experience and promote meaningful education.
  • Becoming the 'de facto' referencing service worldwide.

About the Company


Our company has created and offers a high quality referencing service in order to satisfy the needs of the academic community to the fullest.

We focus on quality, dependability and customization on a low cost basis to provide our customers with a service that is easy to use, fast and free of errors with an ultimate goal to make the creation of the reference list of any academic paper a task that requires minimum time investment and effort.


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